Greetings Hero,

A New Tournament Season is on the Horizon! Compete in the Conflict of the Crowns across Worlds and on your Homeworld to win Powerful Prizes! Events will begin on September 14th and end on September 27th!

This Season will also include a Glory Season: War of the Four! We will randomly assign players to one of four Kingdoms via in-game Mail that will include an Item which will mark the Kingdom you fight for! The four Kingdoms in conflict are below:

Kingdom of Highreach
The Knightsguard
Army of the Ashenfolk
Otherworld Offensive

Each Tournament will grant out Glory to the winners! Players from each Kingdom who win the most Glory will receive Bonus Prizes! The Mark of the Kingdom that you receive at the beginning of the Season will become tradable for increasingly powerful Prizes based on how much Glory your Kingdom accumulates versus the other Kingdoms! The player from each Kingdom who wins the most Glory will be declared King and receive a daily allotment of Mirlith for one month after Season Prizes have been paid out!

Please see below how the Conflict of the Crowns will be scored:

Alliance Crossworld: Highest Alliance XW Trophy Count x 100 + Individual Crossworld Trophies
Alliance Homeworld: Highest Alliance Trophy Count x 100
Individual Crossworld: XW Individual Trophy Count (XW Leaderboard)
Individual Homeworld: Individual Trophy Count (Individual Leaderboard)

The Tournament Schedule will be available prior to the beginning of the first Events. Alliances will be locked beginning at 9/15 at 19:00 and unlocked after Prizes have been paid out.

Gaea reserves the right to change, modify, or cancel any part of the the Conflict of the Crowns without warning, if any fraud, technical failure, or any other factor impairs the integrity or proper functioning of the Event.

Good luck Heroes!