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Thread: App crashing every time

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    App crashing every time

    I started playing wartune few weeks ago. Yesterday when I took off my memory card from my mobile to do something and later put it back, my whole game data vanished. I have registered though. I started downloading the game files but it keeps crashing before reaching 100%. Now it crashes even before download starts. I don't know what to do. Please help! I tried restarting too.

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    Have you tried to uninstall the game completely? Do you have enough storage space available on your device? (at least 1.5GB free storage)

    Update - issue seems to be related to automatically downloading game files for new installation if you are trying to log on as a higher level toon (lv 49+). Problem was reported and we are working on a fix, but for now what you can do to avoid this issue is create a low level toon on a different server and then manually download game files from the game settings; this should not trigger any crashes and you should be able to resume your gameplay with your main toon after the process is finished (credit to Evoria for finding this workaround)
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