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Thread: Network Error EvD Game

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    Network Error EvD Game

    I've been trying to open EvD & keep getting network error message. Everything else except EvD is working fine. I've no clue what to do since I've tried rebooting cell & my internet connection.
    I can't log into calander because of this issue. I'm losing out on receiving prizes! I probably lost troops & resources on Classic World 199.
    I'd like to know what the next step is supposed to be for the problem. I can't send in a report for the issue because every time I've tried to in the past I can't find it even when I'm redirected from the game.
    ONONTUCN is my login for Gaea site.
    Please advise me of what's going on with the app/EvD game in general.

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    Servers were down all night nothing official here

    Yes mate servers were down until around 06:30 GMT Had to find out about it on FB.

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    Problem still occurring

    I've not been able to access the game for 6 hours due to a network error , all other apps and phone functions work so problem is restricted to Gaea

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