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    Just sayin

    Not sure if anyone reads this anymore, but it seems player progressions in completely broken for new players. Been getting asked a lot of questions but the game simply seems to hit a point of reason for playing is, daily login for alliance donations, calendar clicks for prizes, free chest, and 40 campaign rounds (if Elites is unlocked). A few Ideas to help fix the problems:

    *New player progression should be difficult and require farming, but should be possible but at the moment, is broken. Ex:
    Why can't players get items needed for progressing through the campaigns, to complete the campaigns? May not have to be 100% the case, but would encourage new players to get more involved with the game.
    At the moment, gems for gear for new players can be obtained through daily calendar logins. You can get about 3 pieces a month of some types, and need 100 of one type of gem, and 200 of another to make a rare gem for a total of 300 pieces per gem. so in 1 year a new player can get approx. 36 pieces of 1 gem, so in years, a new player can get one of the rare gems needed to deck out their heros, and kill elite bosses lol (not counting mithril purchases, or tournament loot the second of which many tournaments require a geared hero already with gems rofl.)

    *More regular tournaments, possible limiting participation based on hero level/Gear (allows for new players to progress and develop.)

    *Event information when you click the information button to be.... informative. Current example:
    "AXW GP Collection, Collect GP Chests to win!" sweet, lemme read the information tab to do that!!! Click the Information button and get the following :
    "Collect GP Chests to win!" Great, very helpful. Why not a link to the wheel, or information on exactly what a new player would need to do in many cases lol

    *Idle time: Too much time spent not being able to do anything. Don't understand the restrictions on campaign modes, not any amazing gear there anyways. Life runes and such I guess..... maybe....possibly.... not really
    enough gear and items i feel to restrict it (personal view of course, and were talking about new players)

    *Solid feel for progression is lacking, progression from new players to seasoned players is currently not possible. New players are not able to enter the game and actually play with any hope of getting geared up, most of the time is spent waiting. Maybe add achievements for individuals to reach, can work also as a guide to help new players develop and learn to play the game. No need to re-invent items, new gems could be harvested from goblin caverns, what would limit people is everyone will be wrecking everyone again.

    Hope you find this helpful. Not intended as a rant, just posting here in response to questions new players keep asking me.
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    I agree with all above you guys should fix

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    Adding on

    So the gems are obtainable if you get on with a good alliance and grind it out its a pain but its do able. I feel like the events should be more rewarding and fruitful for the amount of time spent, effort and mith. Hero glory 350's are also in need of an improved drop to have an armoury full of 4 star legendary gear to not be able to use is pretty frustrating. The scrolls of legend much like the 350 glory need to be improved. That's it for this thought will add more later. I hope you fix these things I really still enjoy playing but if these things don't get fixed I'm sure I won't be buying anymore mith and will eventually stop playing meeh hope that doesnt happen

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