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Thread: Abusing glitches and bugs in Battleground

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    @bratty: please dont't become personal or stop posting, this is not a fight club. If you want to figth RheA do it in a private chat, otherwise write postings to get ahead in discussion.

    We are working on many issues to get solved, Sylph Arena is one of them. But as already mentioned, GAEA is the publisher, not the developer, so many things take longer than expected. And I am not an IT-guy, so I don't know anything about programming, but some issues are not as easy to get solved as we thought.

    BG issue is a good example for that, and yes, it still needs improvement. GAEA knows and is working on that, together with the developers.

    Sylph Arena is also on the list for improvements.

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    Likewise, stop using us as an accessory for your personal agendas.

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    As said by Jamas, the persecution is very very selective. Selective persecution begets selective criticism.

    There seem to be a mismatch on what we want and what the mods want. Your refusal to acknowledge our grievances, to acknowledge the solution put forward, to see why the players do bg that way frustrates.

    Till today, we still do not know what is right and what is wrong. You cannot say helping guildie is right but helping guildie everyday is not right. 30 kills is not right coz others get lesser kills but 10 kills is ok, but is 10 kills still ok if others get only 1 or 2 kills? High BR getting less kills than lower BR is not ok but is high BR getting 20kills is ok? So who cap the kill number in bg? The high BR guy or the guy at the bottom? If the bottom guy is 15 then we can 30? You see the idiocy?

    Quantify all the parameters. Spell it out clearly, list down the discriminants. Have you done that? You can't even do that, and you go about your happy witch hunting... based on what? Where do you draw the line? Most bring toons to bg today, how do you pick your victims? Who get exemptions?

    So you invariably subject yourself to intense criticism from people like me and I'm not too wrong to say that I did hit you guys too close to the bone. Due to lack of transparency, I stand by my charge, that you put your self interest before ours.

    If you cater to the needs of sour grapes, you cannot claim to represent our community on the whole. There's no impartiality on your part. I'd rather you guys relinquish your 'posts' than present a very distorted picture to Gaea to serve your interest which I believe is what has happened. There are more pressing issues to be solved than harp on bg incessantly and and go about joy banning.

    This is a game full of glitches and bugs. If you don't want to get scolded like Gaea, then don't talk like you are Gaea.

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    I believe you completely ignored what was stated clearly above: players using game mechanic glitch for years that makes them invulnerable to outside attacks were the targets of this post to start with; we didn't name anyone in particular, if you consider that the warnings were selective and more people should get them take screenshots with the players in question and send them to any of the mods and I can promise you that action will be taken against ALL abusers.

    Perhaps you cannot differentiate between a person casually helping friends/guildmates and an abuser? It's easy: abusers will always use the same group of alts and game mechanic glitch to feed themselves honor in record time; on the other hand, you cannot tie a person who's helping his friends get honor and kills to another toon or group of toons and they will not be using any glitches, but instead try to look for their friend and give away kills if they don't get intercepted on the way - try to intercept an abuser if you can, good luck.

    I agree, BG is not perfect and can be boring, grinding honor may seem like a waste of time and everyone has work and family priorities over game events - but as any other event in the game it's optional; many players skip BG altogether and only do it during honor/kill events; I know some players who don't even do BG at all. Rather than finding excuses, pointing fingers and exploiting how about playing fair? No one should feel entitled for special privileges for discovering abusive manners to get ahead - exploits and bugs need to be reported immediately, not spread out and used daily.

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    really rhea

    I have a video shot of you and few other player attacking people while they are at their cooldown after death not even close to exit of their camp is that exploit bugg or glitch too
    i even asked last weekend in current chat how is it possible
    no reaction from you

    So this really was for some people only and when those high up are being accused with proof they zip it Goethesa is using a same glitch as Rhea
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    Solution for all bg problems is:

    No one can come near exit everyone is symply untachable there fighting place should be midle (where those fire thingies are spawned)
    that way we have 4 sides on which we could enter a fighting area so all those who usually are spam attacking could be avoided
    second towers to spawn at last 5 minutes so no one can end bg in less then 25 minutes

    for everyone that should be fair especially the towers to spawn at last 5 minutes this bg ending in less then 15 minutes is really annoying

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    Ideas to make bgs a better place...

    Hi. I have been playing the game since server 18 opened with a few breaks in between. I also remember that bg's used to be full 15v15 and plentiful. The real problem her is we need to find a way back to these times by giving back the incentive for lower br player to join them and stay untill the end. To this end I have a few idea that I feel should be looked in to...

    Day of kings. This causes the most problems for the casual player. In 50-59 bg's you see 250-300k camping the spawn which causes lower br player to leave as they are unable to get out of there spawn. One solution is to remove the "get 20 kills" event and replace it with a "have 20 fights" event. After all the team arena event is based on the amount of fight you do, not the amount of wins you gain. This would encourage lower br players to enter bg's when the event is on, as they would gain medals of honour to increase their rankings and give incentive to actually be there.

    Battleground chest shards. These could be given out for loses as most casual players cart to gain chests. Maybe this would encourage them to stay in bg's. Also you could add shards in end reward along with the honour and insignias we already get. This may encourage them to stay till the end.

    Just a few idea. And thank you for listening.

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    Heroes essebly members

    I have a question. Is this possible to report a player, member of heroes essebly for ignoring the fact he or she seen cheating and abusing the Battlegorund glitch while doing own event by someone else and don't or didn't report the cheating player? Is ignoring the fact someone else from his her guild openly use other toon to get quick and easy kills which means cheating is good enough reason to get reported as well becouse it would be against game rules and all the fun you want to either create and/or save. I'm gladly waiting for reply

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    Cambio en bg

    Mi opinion es que bg esta muy mal, no se pueden meter a luchar personajes con cbr tan dispares.
    Lo primero que cambiaria seria las clases.
    Seria bastante facil, poner clases por cbr y no por experiencia, que es tal como esta ahora.
    Clases por experiencia, no funciona tal como podemos comprobar, porque un personaje con la misma experiencia que otro puede tener la mitad o mucho menos de la mitad de cbr que otro, lo cual hace que la lucha entre ambos resulte inutil ; un personaje con 1200k cbr y otro con 500k cbr luchando, no tiene ninguna logica. .siempre va a ganar el de mas cbr.
    Hagan mas equilibradas las luchas, y pongan las clases por cbr, todos los de 100-200 seria clase 1, 200-300cbr clase 2, 300-400 clase 3 y asi sucesivamente. Eso es lo primero que hay que cambiar (segun mi criterio).
    Si en un campo hay personajes de 1200k cbr y de 500k cbr, no es justo para ninguno de ellos, pongan juntos a todos los de 1200k cbr a luchar y a los de 500k cbr juntos a luchar, veremos como no hay tantos problemas.Los personajes de lvl mas bajo, podria ganar sin tener que compartir muertes, a la vez que seria mas divertido el juego.
    Pongan clases por cbr y no por experiencia, y mejores recompensas.
    Xhula s68.


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    and Silph Arena

    why don't bun also the guys that done 17550 point every week????
    more or less 10 ppl each for each arena?

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