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Thread: Abusing glitches and bugs in Battleground

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    You all got youre point

    SKY team is gone as of bg so out of wartune too s 5,8,10,11,12,13,17,20 lost nit only a helper more or less our server lost in year 3 highest cashers ever first we lost Paulyan (he moved to Asia) then Orpheus (was sick of gaeas incompetence and peoole around gaea) now we lost Sky Team (thanx to banning from bg) whos next Nezra (we lost her too someone else is playing her now) or someone else all thanx to some egoistic people claping hands to you guysyou deserve that
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    I can say at least for Sky team that they were given plenty of warnings and at their BR cheating with alts in the spawn gate was completely unnecessary. Their response was to make fun of it and say no one will do anything; they got away with it for many months, when exploiting picks up proportion there will always be measures against it; dishonest players don't belong to any community - we encourage everyone to report abuse and we will do our part to find measures against it.

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    Nice Work

    I hope Shanilarfr is the next.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RheA View Post
    dishonest don't belong to any community .
    You should have said that..last weekend several servers were hit, they couldn t log in. What did the company..slap those players in the face..
    I wonder what did our representatives ? Really dont know..but the compensation..well see the bug part section. But Gaea ignored everyone.
    In the sylph arena there is still cheating..many months now..

    - so you ban players from bg if they cheat/ use glitches
    - if players cheat in sylph arena..nothing will happen ( imo its b.s. thats its allowed to use alts..., because then don t bother to put up a rose event... )

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