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Thread: Battle ground

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    Battle ground

    I don't know if I'm the only one that actually see it but how about u can only kill max 10 times or 15 every battle ground? I'm saying this because on kill events i see alot ppl killing over 20 times (max i have seen 35x) when they can't get more honor or don't need kill more to finish event, and since the battle ground isn't not even balanced is kinda hard to some ppl complete event because does guys that attack u 3/4 times in a row and don't let ppl even get out the safe zone.
    I'm not talking about my self because when i have all kills i need i go midle and tell free kills to who needs, just makes me sad see all does high cashers killing just for killing when they don't need. Guess they need alot of ego like the size of the wallets.
    So just to finish 10 15 kills max and can't attack more i think give a change to lower ppl to at least complete event.

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    I forgot to say is even more hard when ppl enter battle ground don't kill and just stay on twrs. I give 1 example the most short battle ground i have been on event day just last 6 min because ppl getting twrs. Talking about twrs instead of giving points how about do like guild battle? More twrs more dmg or just giving more points for every kill?
    Is just a suggestion.

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    Gaea should just conduct a poll to find out how many players still enjoy bg today.

    Rather than capping kills in bg, it would be better for Gaea to just
    1. give 1000 honor per kill
    2. reward bg kill event for 3,5 and 10 kills max
    This should alleviate much of our bg woes and the lump of players at the mouth of respawn can be dispersed to the 3 towers and our towers can look like mushrooms and end in 10mins for all I care.

    Not all of us are on welfare and could afford to sit around to bg every hour. Lots of yesteryear numbers in this game today did not move with time and is a joke today. The ancient mounts in cw shop has been there since time immemorial. Guild blessing is still dropping seeds nobody needs to clutter inventory and to sap more time to have it thrown away.

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    you know why they kill a lot?prpbably the same reason i don, i maxed my honor amd even if i habe all kills, i do battle ground and kill ppl because i want to get Gream Reaper title which makes me a bit stronger, and for that you need 10k bg kills
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