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Thread: A plea to YOU to give US something to do!

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    A plea to YOU to give US something to do!

    i've been playing since week 1, almost 6 years ago and now to be honest im bored, really bored, we the players gave you gaea a chance to revive this game and give us the game we once loved a second chance your reward to us for our loyalty is constant wheels and elite events, standing by logging in once every 6 hours to register 1 bronze chest, or kill a elite boss every 90 minutes is NOT a game.
    The recent introduction of tournement world 199 on a perm basis has taken any remaining actives away from home worlds, whilst 199 prepares for its 3rd season starting in a few days time, home worlds prepare for nothing to do again.

    every world and every alliance has been tarnished with the same brush as the ultimate abusers and a standard inventory of 1000s of tokens, mith, elite stamina is the norm in gaeas eyes and its wrong and as a result youre left with 100s of geniune players unable to participate in many events.

    you have the power to run any events at any time, so why dont you? why do we have to sit through days, weeks, months of nothing to do except spin 1 token? why cant we have events that actually reward effort?

    people talk like world merges are going to save the world but youre on your 4th wave of merges in as many months and still 100+ worlds to go, you say merges are your top priority but how long are we expected to wait?
    what on earth is a merged world going to do to increase my activity? my game play with the game style? i'll still be logging on every 6 hours to spin my 1 token, a merged world will not change this!

    when you first took over we had flash events, 60 mins, 2 hours long, mystery events, it was fast paced it was fun, what happened? its all stopped.

    now 199 is in full swing i fear you will forget home worlds completly.

    i gave this game until the end of summer (6 months) and nothing has changed, i want it to change, i want to play to compete but youre not allowing us to.

    i fear this is my end, not through want and you are making it easy for players to quit.

    a final plea, bring activity to home worlds, give us events to do...


    world 125

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    I Completely agree with everything above!!!!

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