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Thread: [Must Read] We will bring Hero unassigning feature back to Classic Worlds

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    [Must Read] We will bring Hero unassigning feature back to Classic Worlds

    After thorough observation and discussion, we plan to remove the new feature that prevents heroes falling off the duty slots due to lack of gold, from Classic Worlds, in order to keep providing classic gaming experience. However, the feature removal might have to require a new build upgrade. In the meantime, when the feature is turned off at the game backend, players will see this on the client side frontend: Assigning a Hero costs 0, but somehow he is still unassigned if lack of gold. This display issue could last for a while and will be fixed when a new game version is released.

    1. Hero's hourly gold cost = Hero's Level *20. For instance, assigning a Lv 230 Hero costs 4600 gold per Hour.
    2. We strongly encourage all players to refresh the game immediately after a hero assignment to confirm his status. Gaea will not be responsible for the damage caused by hero unassigning due to lack of gold on hand.

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    Will this also affect 178/179?
    World 178

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