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Thread: Lost username n pw

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    Lost username n pw

    I broke my phone and all my information for game was in it.
    I'm on 84 east
    My toon name is NoNo my br is 267k with medallion. I'm in forsaken guild. My toon is married to ajkiller32. I paid for basic wedding. My main slyph is level 70 Medusa named BadHairDay.
    Last time I logged in was yesterday morning. Last time I bought balens was last week through google pay $49.99
    I started game in January or February I believe

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    Tip: reset password and other account issues

    I'm sorry no one answered you here at the time. I hope you were directed to Customer Support and they were able to help you!

    For future viewers - this is the new Customer Support email for all account-related issues:

    If you know the email currently linked to your Gaea account, and it is a valid email (where you can receive messages), you can try to reset your password using the following link:

    If you are unable to reset the password, please send in a ticket with as much information as possible to identify you and your account (do not put this information here in the Forum). This will help CS locate your account, verify account ownership, and help you to regain access.

    Best wishes!

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