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Thread: Unable to log in

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    By way of correction to my prior post, the app says you have entered the wrong password, not email. This is so even though it is using my stored log in info, and I have not entered a password, and it does not give me the opportunity to do so.

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    Still Can't Log in

    Yesterday I emailed Gaea at the address you gave to an earlier poster but I have received no reply. Today I redownloaded again and played through the introductory screen but I still can't get into my old account (or create a new one so I could reach Geaa through the app) but no luck, it won't recognize my email as valid though it is. Nothing to do but give up the game after 6 years I guess !!

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    Still no luck and no reply from Gaea

    I have now sent for requests to Gaea and am still waiting for acknowledgement .

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    How do I submit a ticket when I can't even log in?

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    Its been hours. Even reinstalled a few times wtf is going on pvp is running. 50 gems or even 100 as a sorry will not be acceptable either

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