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Thread: 178/179 Tournament Season - August

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    178/179 Tournament Season - August

    Greetings Hero,

    Tournament Season for New Servers has been declared!
    We will run a series of Events between Aug 15 to Aug 29! Players and Alliances who win the biggest amount of Equinox Trophies will win prizes for themselves and for their Alliances.
    Who will be the Champion in our world?

    Please see the information below to get more details on how the Series will be scored.
    Individual: Event Center Tracking
    Alliance: Highest Alliance Trophy Count x 100 + Individual Trophies

    Click here to find the Schedule and Season Prize:

    Good luck, Hero!

    *Equinox Trophies will not be able to be exchanged for other items.
    *We will lock Alliances from 15/8/2017 to 30/8/2017
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    Lol 178 and 179 are new but not classic why is this in classic thread.

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    Sometimes it feels like 178 doesn't exist when I come to the forums looking for infor

    Why can I not find the results from the season in the forums...

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