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Thread: Robbed of balens

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    Robbed of balens

    Now I see why this game has so much issues, it is because gaea always takes the easy way out of reported issues. I have been playing this game since it started under kabam, I have had a lot of issues, but they were never about money. This time gaea feels they have to rob me of my money I but I can't understand the reason why. I bort 620 balens with my Google acount through wartune hall of heroes with the aim to buy VIP and spirit covenant, the money was deducted from my account, but instead of receiving my balens a connection error message appeared then disappeared again. To me that indicates there's a problem with the link between the game and google account, I logged off from the game then logged back in, but I still didn't receive my balens.
    I then logged a ticket(387305) they just simply replied saying their records show that the balens were sent to my account. I feel if they had investigated they would have found the issue then resolved it, but no they have my money already, why would they? As it stands now my game experience is very terrible, my money is gone but I still don't have what I wanted to buy it feels like I just flushed my money in the toilet.

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    Happened to me too. Gaea said contact google or apple, who wont do anything to help you cause Gaea is a **** company. But google/apple says to contact Gaea, so then you re contact gaea and tell them google/apple told you its gaea problem then you get the balens.

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