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Thread: Dear developers!!!!

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    Dear developers!!!!

    Dear developers!!!! I ask You to deal with the situation!!! For several weeks players of our Alliance is gradually poured, on the grounds that they are cheaters!!! Many have the impression that this is the machinations of members of another hostile Alliance!! How can you play if players are not protected from such attacks!!! So much wasted time, Finance!! In your game, and put such boorish attitude!!! Conclusively require to understand this and stop the drain of players unjustly!!!!! We are the players EvD234 (Russia)

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    Dear Google!

    Fix your translation.
    Did you know?

    GAEA is an acronym for:

    Gamers Are Exiting Allover

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    How about cleaning up forums and boot all these people who are posting non game issues. It doesn't belong in forums. Players don't even bother coming here anymore because of it. Also to Gaea, more and more are leaving day by day. You really need to do something and stop wasting time with all the BS Click a thons and Spend a thons. Everyone is extremely tired of them.

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