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Thread: VIP shop opening!

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    Talking VIP shop opening!

    Hello Community!

    This Friday amazing VIP shop is going to be opened!

    Limited time offers are there for you to use this chance to become stronger.

    Many items were never in the Shop before!

    All items go with a big discount (in compare with real in-game value of the item or with a price of an item if previously sold) but limited in quantity available for purchase.

    You can find VIP shop in the Shop section of the game - it has its own tab.

    We are happy to provide you with an opportunity to purchase exactly what each of you need and spend balens in the most efficient way.

    Shop will close with the beginning of the Monday.

    And finally - let us know what you think about items selection and their price, we are very happy to hear your feedback so we can adjust VIP Shop in future.

    Wartune team

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    is there gonna be a decent recharge event to go along with this?

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    You wanna now my thoughts about the prices and the items ? Hmmm ridiculous !

    10 000 balens for the lvl 5 recipes? Rly? thats nearly 150 Euro ! Are you Crazy or what ? The lvl 4 recipes are for free and this only for a couple of thousnds attack? If it run worse its only 500 more than the lvl 4 recipe.
    1000 Balen would be fair i think there is realy a 0 to much.

    Than there are a lot of items Double in with diffrent prices . Why? Thats so unnecessary.
    And the Price for some other items are still to high.
    For example the Titan Stonefragments and Titan steelfragments Costs 50 Balen each one .
    In the demon slayer box i become two of them for 69 Balen and with luck Even more .
    Sry but this shop suck!

    10 000 Balen for lvl 5 recipe hell its rly Time for another Game !

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    Tops will spend whatever the price may be it's always to milk the cow. The price gouging on every item in this game is retarded. The items they made available are nice but grossly overpriced. Wartune has always been a rich mans game. I look I laugh I cry and I log off till the pain is gone....... but I still come back and play and wait and wait and wait AND WAIT for new/updated exchanges for pretty much everything only to find more spend and recharge events

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    Like i said on post i made about virtuoso scrolls and this just come to confirm. Last few weeks is recharge recharge and more recharge or spend events and now 10k for virtuoso scroll lmao gaea u just prove u wana rip off everyone. Well gl on that ppl getting tired of this, on my server we merged 2x and every week less ppl plays. So keep opening new servers when u have alot almost empty and keep rip off everyone. The lag the constant dc and the constant game bugs isn't important what matters is money in the pockets rite?

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    Cash cows

    The price is always the problem! Look at a those items not just the 10k scrolls. Advanced forge packs are 200 balens a piece, you need 3 for a single attempt of forge. That's 600 balens for a chance to upgrade. In my experience it takes about 900 packs or 300 attempts to fully forge an item. That means to forge your item it would cost 180k balens or close to 2.3k$ American dollars. 8 items means they value a full set forged at just over 18k$ American dollars, let that sink in for a minute. That is just what they value forging items at. You can keep going with each item as well, they are all over priced in my eyes.

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    Just to add

    A dozen people can ask then 2 dozen times for a simple basic item to advanced item exchange and never hear back. It would be awesome to be able to exchange multiple high level gems for gem solvent, soul crystals for soul seals, miraculous shards for titan steel/stone. It doesn't have to be a 1 for 1 exchange, just reverse current exchange quantities so 10 crystals for 1 seal 300 miraculous for 50 steel/stone and maybe say 4 lvl 12 gems for 1 gem solvent. That wouldn't make massive returns though, so let's not hold our breath.

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    I'm tired of saying this but i play this game on pc version since 2004 when game was launched on Chinese version and let me tell u the pc version changed like 4 or 5 times of owners and none of them tried rip everyone like gaea doing. No bugs no major lag no constant dc and other better things. 7Road, wartune, mini-clip, kongrate, just few companys that owned the game or still own and no problems at all. Who start playing before pass to gaea now must wish does days isn't? Just need to remember for me the worst job gaea did when launched patch and alot ppl didn't played for over 1 month. So for me gaea only show how mutch they care about But thats not all i laugh alot when i see does msg to visit gaea Facebook page, really? u really think I'm going to ur Facebook and tell my friends to play this game? Or just to post gaea rocks? Keep dreaming maybe when u guys start do a better job and stop trying rip off everyone wallets maybe just maybe me and alot more ppl consider even waste time looking to ur Facebook page.

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