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Thread: New ideas i can think of

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    New ideas i can think of

    1.alliance storage so we can store our resources in the alliance and send some to other members
    2.remove food upkeep option remove the option of us seeing world so we can't pick or leave a world and just put us in a world base on our language world just let us transfer into a random world which would decrease the change off alts messing up the game
    5.use a portal for pvp events
    6. heroes as avatar
    7.special events i think its pointless to play the events and get the same items atleast give us items we miss in the past like exclusive avatars for example
    8. cities themes would be nice so we can change our cities with a token so every city look unique
    9.a 6th city that surrounded by water like elves vs dwarfs
    10.having special event knights we can collect with attack stats, defense stats or balance stats
    11. alliance limit like 25 or 50 members
    i know some of these ideas good, stupid or hard to put in but at least there ideas

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    EvD idea

    Make all items sellable not just the 'misc items and speed-ups'?

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