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Thread: Where to put my Sep, Athena/Herc ??

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    Where to put my Sep, Athena/Herc ??

    Ok so I'm new to this game and believe I already made a mistake by putting all my resources into Apollo instead of Hercules early game, so would like to get some info from the more experiences players please, I will have in the next event just over 9k Sep and was wondering which would be best to invest in, basically I can either Max Athena giving her 120k br and me 350k br and having 1500 left to put into Hercules or, put it all into Hercules making him 90k br and me 315k br but still leaving Hercules 5k Sep short of Max, so basically is a Maxed Athena better for me than a 5k short of maxed Hercules ?

    Hope this kinda makes sense and thank you.
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