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Thread: ♤Destroy Other Players Cities♤

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    ♤Destroy Other Players Cities♤

    ◇Special troops◇
    ♧Less alt users♧
    ♡More strategy♡

    Main idea is that if your not defending your city, then your city will loose a buildings when attacker will destroy those. It would require a building to have a health, which every attack would weaken and in the end, it would destroy the building.

    First building to take the damage is ofcourse the wall. If you get pass the wall, then your able to destory inner buildings in order:
    1. houses
    2. barracks
    3. vault
    When vault is down you can farm target totally empty. And defender need to build all back up, before he can do the revenge back.

    Also this game mode could bring us more special troops like example:
    War Rams +50% extra damage to walls
    War Dragons +50% extra damage to homes/barracks
    War Thief +50% extra damage to vault

    +More special gears to give boost for special troops.
    +Special skills to make more boost to destroy cities.
    +New ranking system (points from destorying other cities.)
    +New type of playing style "City Destroyer."

    It would give us a new strategy, so if we want, we could destroy top alliances bases before the comps and make their job harder and we would see new alliances gaining top places in comps. Also when base has been hammer down totally we would see a ruins of cities in map.

    +++This would also make people focus more on their main accos and would make using of alts almost impossible (you cant protect and rebuild multiple accounts all the time.)

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    More stuff for bots to do = auto-rebuilding

    Pointless idea...won't change anything.
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