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Thread: 8-star cards... a new hope?

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    8-star cards... a new hope?

    Maybe it's time to get back into the game, as these new 8-star cards could completely replace and turn into garbage all of those 7* mighties, as it happened with the 6* cards we had paid and worked hard to build just to see them obsoleted in a few months. It could be as starting from scratch...

    Well, Celestial Arthur? Meh... Any vacants in the creative area?
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    8 stars

    Sure, Thorngall you're reason.
    Exactly the same thing when de 7 stars appears. Gwar, Drust and all the others in the garbage.

    I hope GAEA will be inspired for these new cards, and will not proposed:
    Rhiannon celest, Vamby celest, Galzra celest, pig celest and chicken celest...

    Wait to see what happens !

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    When they introduct 7* two years ago many old players/heavy spenders left cause they thought their money lost.i think that the same will also happen now.fortunately there r many new players so the cow will not stop t gt milked out...

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    New cards doesn't mean new game.

    Roulette, ghost ship, arenas (where botters won all prizes) or city events (with run feature, click and wait) are the new amazing features that let you play all days?

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