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Thread: Release of Update 7.2

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    Release of Update 7.2

    Hello everyone,

    We will have a maintenance on all servers on July 19th (Wednesday). It will last 6 hours and will include 7.2.0 update (FORCED), and couple of bug fixes and adjustments.


    2017/7/18 22:00
    2017/7/19 04:00
    2017/7/19 01:00
    2017/7/19 07:00
    2017/7/19 06:00
    2017/7/19 12:00

    Fix notes:
    - 7.2.0. version (FORCED)
    - Eternal War, change the minimum BR required to 250K
    - Common wedding price reduced
    - Titan, Eternal War buff, change the price and attribute
    - God Descent, add back auto-attack
    - Parchment lv. 1 to lv. 5, can be purchased with bound balens now

    Maintenance compensation:
    Mahra - 50
    Sepulcrums - 50
    Lv. 3 EXP Book - 2000
    Bound Balen - 100
    Gold - 500 000
    Daru - 500 000

    The Wartune Team wishes you a lot of fun with the exciting new stuff of patch 7.2!

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    im realy happy to see ew br lowered for couples and to see many things to help us this is great just hope it goes smoothly lol

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    We're not PC

    This is great the bug fixes that your implementing, but why are you continuing to add things when we have enough loading and crashing issues as it is? I understand that you have to keep the game interesting for cashiers they pay your mortgage, but your making it impossible to even stay on game with what you keep adding. At this point you can't even talk while doing AB because if you do it boots you off game. When are you going to do server clean ups? Accounts that haven't been played in 6+ months why are they still around? Have you not realised that now with everything you give away that youve also pushed a lot of ppl into making alts, again causing more server overcrowding. So I ask again are we mobile or pc? If I wanted to play the pc version of this game I a computer. If you really want to start appealing to everyone all the time while adding all this, make everything accessible with bound balens, including weddings, or buffs for events, or how about better return on small recharge events? Just my suggestion.


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    So what all is in this update? Is it just those two items you hinted at, or is there more items we haven't been informed about. Neither of the two listed seem all that thrilling tbh. This seems like a waste of time and more bugs/errors headed our way.

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    Can you add Vulcan Clamps as a drop in Dragon Invasion please?Tons of Stithy drops there but kinda useless without Clamps.

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    titan steel titan hearts

    now there is new equipment coming out can you make the titan steel and titan hearts more available plz ty

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    The whole update is cash based only and not even stuff worth spending on. How about next time implement at least one feature that doesnt cost a ton to keep all of your player base interested.

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