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Thread: Chaos Rune

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    allr years and now ask ??? lol

    where did you come from...which

    Its simple...
    Chaos hits 100 % the player...after that its 50/50 what chaos does...
    Its that allready for 2 years..and now ask ? lmao..

    Oh wait..i understand why you complain... ( chill out friends)
    Reason..players can sit out chaos...use their insomnia and you get beated.. ( in gameplay....wait,wait, ve been hitted by chaos...check...use def rune...dont do nothing...wait 20 secs ( thats 2/3 atacks) use insomnia...kill the basterd)

    allready described somewhere here, search for it ( ok yes it s the pc version )

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    PC mechanics differ then the Mobile in some ways.

    The wording on the current chaos are misleading. There is no wording that it is a 50/50 chance.

    As it stands now, who gives a sh!t what the pc version has. We are mobile. We should be helping make the current version easy and understandable for everyone, regardless if they are old or new. New people especially.

    So if you want to know which rock magneto, well, the rock new people are coming into that are joining the game today. Make the game better, not worse.

    Wording does need adjusting to make it clear how it works. Most of us know how it's suppose to work, but there are people that actually READ and as it stands now it doesn't say 50/50 percent in it. Lets make it clear for the old and new players.
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