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Thread: UI improvements for items

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    UI improvements for items

    Some suggestions,
    1. Make upgrade stones visible somewhere so you can see all stone types and quantity in one place.
    2. When donating to alliance base the drop down for 100 falls on the green donate button for the next item. Every day this results in at least a few miss-clicks.
    3. Make dragon armor sortable, and add a method to sell multiple pieces of armor at the same time.
    4. From the train/build menu you now have a way to go to resources. But once you get there you are missing the drop down to use 100 at a time. Please put it there.
    5. The items general tab needs some organization, either sorting options or sub tabs for troops, generals (including recruiting tokens), everything else. These could even be top level tabs.
    6. The items resources tab could sort better. All wood together, all geods together, all shadow cores together etc.
    7. Make dragon domination items visible in items. It is hard to plan for who will use their items during dragon domination when no one can see if they have those items until the dragon domination starts.
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