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Thread: poor pvp prize we understand prize

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    poor pvp prize we understand prize

    Who said We dont understand the prize, we understand the prize they just extremely poor

    Okay so we get some new crystals which you say everybody can use in July that's a wait in C, your track record for making things work properly is very poor

    New banners and talisman only the top 100 will get enough to make an impact, several Players still lack 250 hero's the talisman are nice but are you aware once you level up your Heroes skill past tier 3 now they become useless in some ways.

    Gaea can you explain why if the hero skill is upgrade to tier 3, tiers under it can not benefit from it anymore, why can't it be that tier and under get the boost that makes no sense.

    Geae prize PvP most players are used to get in four to five pieces of gear why the sudden change to one or two that makes this the poorest PVP ever that alone what part of that do you not understand we understand the prize clearly seems that you don't understand what your customers really want and are accustomed to.

    So why did you change it from 4 to 5 pieces of gear supposed to be exclusive which this is not 2 1 0R 2 for the top 100-200 players

    So you're wrong in assuming we don't understand the prize we clearly do they just piss poor more than likely the poorest ever in a PVP event.

    PVP so extremely grueling time consuming very little sleep if you're going to compete in the top tear, why would us the players want to play this for such poor prize. The biggest hitter of all is that the gear is not exclusive .

    You really need to work on world merge badly, maybe a campaign 6 would help us the players stay a little bit entertained While a World merger comes

    If you don't do either these things you're not going to have a game in a few months, and please bring back Worlds Conquest many players don't remember it and it was a lot of fun and troops returned at the end.

    So please don't insult us with we don't understand the prize we understand the price clearly and is extremely poor
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    Gaea, you judt don't understand youre customers and you ain't learning, so off with ya!!
    This is just a money generator that is all, the prizes are bag! And what about those that cant play every minute of every day? Due to work,family and RL commitments? In the past you have ran competitions along side in our own worlds for similar rewards for those that cant or wont play PvP?

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    cant you see they have really thought these prizes over to actually faak the most people over not worth my dam n time a horse + a rat could easily run this game better than these faak ups have fun
    Bla bla bla talk to celina shes the boss im just daddy playing the game

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    The best thing about the prizes is that they are free

    I do however miss the prizes for the best players per world. Is there any chance we will get them in the game?

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    Now that it is over this was very disappointing pvp but there is one big improvement that I need to admit GAEA made. First off the improvement you actually started the event on Wednesday rather then Thursday or Friday. The way it has been it started there was some huge problem but because it was basically the weekend the problem wasn't fixed till Monday this time there was a problem and it was fixed same day which needs to be commended.

    Second the previously mentioned problem of not having speed builds and rss hindered everyone and the 100 gems compensation was alright for those that didn't spend money but the compensation of 50 1 min speeds and a few mil rss is sad and pathetic . I can tell you even players who played free used more then 50 min of speeds . You could even get 5 15 min 6 1 h 6 2.5 h 1 8h and 1 15 h for 7 k seals you put the 50 1 min speeds for 85 k that is ridiculous you could have just sent 1 or 2 of the regular speed chests and everyone would have been far happier.

    On topic of this thread the prizes. It isn't hard to understand the prizes . The prizes are not only the worst prizes in pvp history it is a huge step back. In previous pvps the top player got a full set of gear and others could get multiple pieces either by way of armory chests or gear tokens ( tokens being the best way) . This time around it was impossible for even the top player to get a full set . As a matter of fact only certain pieces are available in certain ranks so if you want a helmet with the banners of a top 100 rank it is impossible since helmet is only available to those in low ranks

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