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Thread: Nightmare Mode only Events

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    Nightmare Mode only Events

    Hey Guys (and Ladies),

    i'd like to have an explanation why new players are deliberately placed at a disadvantage by the game.

    On my server there is an event which only takes place in Nightmare Mode. Obviously that means that only players in Nightmare Mode can participate. Taking into consideration that the participating players are all most likely strong players who have completed the Normal Mode and therefore at least some kind of Card Deck that has a certain quality and now get max level feeder cards in the event, their progress is improved by a Nightmare only event.

    From an equalization point of view it would be better if also low level players which are still in Normal mode can benefit from an event as they have no access to max level feeder cards, which further aggravates the difficulties in the arena, guild raids, guilds battles etc.

    Maybe you can share your opinion. Or just call me a whiner. ;-)

    btw for me it's somewhat double troublesame as I am almost done with the tenth city, but will not be done in time ...

    thanks in advance

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    So. You are telling me that new players should have same level of play compare to me that plays this game for few years?

    It seems to me that you just wona skip some levels. :P

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    What the author of the topic meant, it was simply that the gaea is ignoring the new players and making events only for the old players. How would a given game server have balanced if only the strongest have any privileges? Try to create an account and enter the arena that you will understand, impossible for a new player to play this game, and consequently the servers will become more and more empty, as the strong get bored and the weak can not play.

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    Events are on a rotation. All players have access to Normal Mode events which happen about once per month. All players can stock up on max level feeders. You don't have to be in Nightmare mode to get them. Veteran players have more access to special events like wandering boss and nightmare events, because they have put in the time to get that far. So yes, veteran players have an advantage.
    Newer players shouldn't be able to compete in arenas, that doesn't make sense. New players should farm thru city levels, use the tower to get free 7* cards, farm 7* shards, use normal mode events to get stronger. There is plenty to do as a newer/weaker player.

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    Again Nightmare

    In the last time we got a wandering boss -super gladiator- in Nightmare Tintagel, followed by a city event in nightmare. Acording to the normal rotation we should now get a city event in normal. Instead of this again we got a wandering boss -infernal infantry- on nightmare lyonesse. I can play in nightmare all cities, so for me, it doesn't matter, but for beginners, the new situation is really frustrating. To my opininion the next city event has to take place in normal. We cannot loose people starting with the game.

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