Oh wait, you made them so astronomically expensive that the players who actually still need them, cant afford them...thanks for that. Perhaps you should do an aptitude test before hiring your developement team. Here's a vital quality to look for in a potential employee: foresight, can they think ahead and foresee (and preemptively fix) any problems on the horizon? The yahoos who priced renown 350s at 3k a pop obviosly thought "everybody has tons of crowns, this is reasonable" and at a glance they're right. Until you take into account that the players w/ tons of crowns in inventory have obviously been playing long enough to have collected tons of mounted monday mystery chests b4 they became extinct. Which means they were most likely playing actively during the MAGUS event, which netted any active alliance plenty enough renown 350s. So, ipso facto, players that can afford to buy 350s from crown shop DONT NEED TO! And no, you cant attack players for crowns with any success. 2 hrs of roaming and hitting netted 500. Do the math to get 150k crowns. You failed again.