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Thread: Competitive Game ? URGENT

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    Competitive Game ? URGENT

    To make the game competitive is necessary as much for new and old players.
    Old players want mythic cards, as their deck is already high and some get impatient with less game activity.
    New players want good cards in the beginning to be competitive in arenas and other events, as they become unmotivated because they are not able to compete with old players.
    If there is no way to make the game better and more competitive, we will be migrating to new servers in the future.

    Suggestions for improvements in the game!

    Update in cities:

    New cards in cities with gradual evolution according to the cities, these cards are improving starting with letters 1 * to 4 * in normal mode, each city releases a number of letters, as example city 1 releases letters of 1 * and 2 * and Successively to the other cities, in addition to new prizes.

    New cards in cities with gradual evolution according to the cities, these cards are improving starting with cards 3 * up to 6 * in nightmare mode.

    Updating prizes, cards and bosses in the tower.

    Update or redefinition of medals by achievement.

    In the events it would be interesting to change the cards that are released, like old cards that are rare in the game today but that help new players.

    Information on the cards: There could be a percentage of how much the card is evolved to its maximum, for example, 100% over or 90% of the power.

    The deck could appear to the amount of stars that are in use.


    Defense Necklace necklace that takes 10% of defense from all enemy groups.
    Attack Necklace necklace that increases by 10% the attack of all of the group.
    Magic Necklace necklace that increases the magic of all groups by 10%.
    Necklace of Healing necklace that increases by 10% healing power of all enemy groups.

    Possibility to send letters from the deck to the chest / safe.

    Collection of cards

    There could be a place where acquired cards are placed, as in a collection, just as the cards are shown in the constellation by clicking on it, evolution 1-2-3-4, but no fights are allowed, only one Collection for display purposes, which would not exclude gifts for complete collections and events based on collection, so these letters do not need this evolved.


    Kingdom mode

    It consists of 3 kingdoms, each kingdom has 10 castles and in each castle the player must go through steps that are the castle sites like the bridge, gate, entrance, prison, armory, etc. until you reach the top of the castle and each place is saved by a boss who by defeating him you can win several items like equipment, food, cards representing each kingdom and so on.

    When the kingdoms are completed 3 kingdoms the player can choose to evolve the kingdoms, in this evolution the castles will be restarted and the items will be different and better and the bosses stronger, all with each evolution.

    1 - Hell realm, only camelot and druid cards are allowed.
    2 - forest kingdom, only demon and camelot cards are allowed.
    3 - camelot realm, only demon and druid cards are allowed.


    Auction Event

    For once a month players will be able to place their non-use cards in this event, the cards will go to an auction where all cards will appear at once and not as an individual player account.
    Each card must have a minimum bid and each bid spends a gem raising the bid.
    Example: 5 * 10k card and 1 gem bid, next bid would be 13K and 1 gem.
    The gold goes to the player and the gem does not, duration time 72 hours and the unsold cards will return to the chest.

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    nice ideas but why bother....nobody listens or reading what other players write here...

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