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Thread: Needed items

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    Get into the #1 alliance. There can't be that many people left in your worlds. I applaud all those who fight saying "I shouldn't have to be in the top alliances to get these things" and while that may be true that's just not how Gaea is supporting the game anymore. Sorry you didn't receive a lot, it could possibly be that you are just in a completely dead world. But again my suggestion still stands because you asked for it. Get in the most active alliance you can. It's your greatest bet to receiving the items you need. Good luck!
    Valid point of view. Thx. However, I like the people in my current alli so I will stay where I am and continue my requests for more 350s.

    You are right on some things. I am in a 1 man alli on 265 and still come in 12th in alli comps. Lol.
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    Angry Needed Items

    Agree with the drop rates on needed items. But it's just like Lvl 13 Gems. Poof! They're gone from Chests!? They're are much more needed Items than these gem Shards, useless Leg 5 gear & city buff crap-a-thons! smh

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