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Thread: Moderators needed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dry View Post
    That's good, and hopefully with a Gaea employee regularly posting, these forums can get a little more attention and activity from the playerbase. Sadly as you've probably seen they've been neglected by Gaea in these past months, and forum activity has sharply declined.
    To be fair it's not just the forums that have been neglected for months, cue the 'wonderful' state of the game.

    It would be great if both the forums and more importantly the game gets a boost from Gaea actually making it look like they give a crap. I'll let others decide the odds of that happening.
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    Question Z

    Quote Originally Posted by Ghost Brotocol View Post
    We are currently looking for moderators for the Kingdoms of Middle Earth forums. Please apply to be a mod using this thread if you are interested.

    -Ghost Brotocol
    So, how does one apply for this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by XenaWarPrincess View Post
    So, how does one apply for this?
    Send nudies to ghost.
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