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Thread: Stop Killing Our Game

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bored Silly View Post
    exactly, the only reason they bother keeping the servers running is because idiots still spend

    christian has destroyed the game
    I'm still amazed that people keep spending on the crap Gaea have been troweling out for some time now. You'd think everyone would have worked it out by now that no matter what level of player you are you essentially win nothing these days because there's essentially no gameplay left (not that there was that much anyway). I'm also pretty certain the mergers keep getting delayed because Gaea know they will cause so many players to quit that there'll be virtually nothing left. Mind you, what do they care: as long as a thousand or so spenders are left it'll probably be just enough to keep this crap going for another year!
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    All good ideas
    None will be heeded, sadly.
    Simply staying on top of all the things theyve created in the past, would be a nice step.

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