Hello,Fire Frog is here again with some complaints to do. .
Its not like I hate AoA or I hate the game options, but to be honest, just sharing some thoughts to make the game more interesting and fun.

This time Im here to suggest that, Gaea should really really fix the Que system,
Seriously it is not fun and interesting when we get Too much unfair teams.
sometimes MY team would be too damn good for the opponents and sometimes My opponents would be too damn good for my team.
I'm pretty sure that this game is being played by many different peoples from different countries so It wouldn't be a problem to find players with our stage our nearly our stage or abit better for our stage since there are lots of different people from different countries playing 24/7.
thank you.

My in-game name: fire FroG
ID : 1503129195101
Clan : Elements IX
Server : Asia Pacific