Ok, I know we have all been bored by the repeat cards sometimes, but I'm realizing that the longer I play this game, the less I have come to expect to see body/race/gender presentation diversity. Tonight, I asked in Global chat if anyone knew of any generals besides Perdita that were not white, middle eastern-ish, plant or glowing people. The answers I got - among a stunning amount of white fragility pushback and derailment over a simple question - made a very tiny list of 4 to 8 generals. All seemed to adhere to white beauty standards (no kinky hair, light skin, etc). Clearly you guys have a talented artist behind the artwork in the game, but how difficult would it be to throw in more diverse body types, colors and gender representations?Y'all represent a rich global community, why not reflect those faces in game? It is hard to play a game that feels whitewashed, as if it wasn't made for you, when you realize that you don't see yourself in it. :/ Thank you and I hope I can look forward to more diversity and inclusion!