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Thread: I need help!

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    I need help!

    I need help on the part of Gaea, today I entered my account my things had disappeared, I think the account was hacked, I need to know if there is something they can do, and invested money in the account, I do not want it to be lost as well
    Please help.

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    if you havent been on since the update then yes its gaeas fault for missing items... if u have been on and no one else has been on ur account then yes ites gaeas fault but they will nvr admit to it... all you really can do is ticket and let them know what happened and when u where last on before the missing items went missing

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    I lost a wedding ring once, what i did was i kept on asking them for it back until they just got tired of it and sent one to me. Good luck bro!

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    Send a ticket to customer support, explain whats happened and list previous items you had on the account so that they may see what they can restore.

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