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Thread: Ultimate Valoria Guide By GOKU

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    Ultimate Valoria Guide By GOKU

    Hello Guys ! This is GOKU from APAC Server. You might Played with me.

    BTW my Valoria Rank is 109 with 98 matches win and 1000 power.

    So here we start. I divide my guide in 3 parts.

    1) Early Game - Up to lvl 4

    By killing Undead Archers you are already lvl 2.
    At this time my build is Silver Spear + Apprentice Shoes
    Then I convert Apprentice Shoes to Swift crafter Shoes

    Now kill as much creep as possible and and use ur ability to kill them faster.

    Once u are lvl 4 kill assassin or Mage. And don't take risk to get in turret except u have 2 nd ability

    2) Mid Game - Up to lvl 5 to lvl 8

    For this section my build is Executioner and Power of gods and Dragon Sword or Haste Bow.

    Here I go for turret.

    3) End Game - above lvl 8

    Now you can easily get in turret and kill any assassin and mage easily.

    Just use your second ability wisely.

    My final build is like this.

    Swift crafter Shoes + Executioner + power of gods + Prominence + Dragon Sword or Thunder bolt
    blade + Magical Shield

    I never use life steal item cause my ability is

    1) Penetration Mastery
    2) Warhawk - Restore 2% of max health upon killing unit
    3) Death's Embrace - Deals 10% extra damage to champion with Health below 50%

    Valoria is able to kill any assassin even when on low health because of using her ultimate and second skill. I kill many opponents on low health. Just stay in brush and attack them. With above Items You can be a killing Machine with Valoria.

    My gem Page for Valoria is - Armor Penetration - +11.52 (Ruby)
    Atk Speed - +6.84% (Sapphire)
    Cooldown Bonus - +7.47% (Emerald)
    Atk Damage - +8.25 (Amethyst)

    I will upload video soon.

    Already made against some good players.

    Video link -
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    Server : APAC
    My id : 1501590242101

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    Our Gem page for valoria is likely similar. ANYWAH the guide you provided is useful.. keep it up 👍

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    I think ive played with you

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    Good one, post more guides

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    Very good guy

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