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Thread: Season 9 Gear Pieces

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    S9 scandal

    I agree 100%. Season 9 was an absolute waste of time, money,troops,speeds,RSS, blah blah. To have to get tokens for gear we Already have just to get the s9 shield is ridiculous! If we can not get the needed tokens then can we please be allowed to try for the piece we want without Tokens? At least for the first event??? This will make the few ppl that play And Spend $ want to leave. It is one of the biggest slap in face you can give your players! Please listen to All the complaints in this forum!

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    Totally agree. This is way too disrespectful. I need sword, I don't win it from season, so now I need to claim pants (ok i dont have it), armor which I win in season and then i can collect sword. Looks like nonsense...

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    Why make so must ****?

    Now i Will get all for One shield🙄🔫

    That Its NOT fair

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    We MUST have accompanying s9 gear tokens

    Quote Originally Posted by Lancelot RT View Post
    Thank you for your concerns. I agree that the tokens should of been added. We are currently trying to communicate this

    It is a shame how quickly this game is Deteriorating, as you can see by this thread the game team does not value the time it takes to compete in the comps they put up. Every month is a 2-3 week comp or event and now the prizes value are being so rapidly decreased its kind of amainzing players keep playing. This last "season" prizes followed by the immediate release of the gear for a cheaper more controld way to obtain the gear continues to show the lack of listening to your community of cusotmers. All we can hope is that they actually read the forums and at least compensate those that played so vigorously for 3 weeks with a way to obtain the prizes they deserve before the rest of the community that now already has the abaility to get said prizes with a quarter of the effort.

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    Stop rushing and making ridiculous decisions!

    So you're solution to the latest disaster is to send out a breastplate token to certain ranks.

    I get that it might be difficult to determine who has won which gear... but seriously, what about those poor unfortunate players who already have a breastplate. They have to win it again. In my case it doesn't help at all because every item I won was a breastplate so I still have to win another breastplate. That will be multiple breaths plates.

    And to add further insult I can't even use any of my s9 gear yet.

    If you couldn't put the right fix in place... then at least send out the token for the shield because in all porbability very few of us have won that item so at least the vast majority would have been happy with it.

    I am so unbelievably angry at the entire situation

    Fix it properly cos I've had enough

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    Seriously part 2

    Thinking about this for a little longer ... the answer is so simple ... either give everyone who played s9 a full set of tokens OR get rid of the need for tokens in the round tower.

    Solution sorted !

    Now just implement in !

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    Training lv40

    Well we have s9 gear but we cant use it because u totaly forgot to give imperial training lv40 of divine training lv40. Any sugestion?

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    Token of appreciation

    I do appreciate Gaea Trying a little bit. It's really sad tho that Platinum places as well as silver. What is the purpose of even trying when all you have to do is rank silver to get same prize as Platinum? I think the best way to Fix is to have pieces separate( no tokens needed to go up) in rt for this one event. Like after s8 .... The first rt event did Not require tokens to get top piece... You were able to choose which pieces you wanted IF you won enough from tournaments. That would have been the best solution... It really is a slap in the face for those ranking Platinum to get Exact token as Silver placement!

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    token compensation

    Not even close to being the right compensation. Gem winners got 5 pieces of gear in our prize and you decide to give us tokens for breastplate and sword. I see you're making an effort, but it's not even close to what we earned. Since you decided that all Gem winners should receive the same tokens, you should have included a token for the shield.

    Once again, I now need to get ANOTHER sword in order to get the shield. This is clearly wrong.

    I will NOT participate in S10 or any other seasons until you fix this properly.

    A little respect would be nice.

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    The fast response time was very nice. As a player the token did not help me either. I would of liked for a different solution to benefit players better but an easier exchange is at least something for some.
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