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Thread: Season 9 Gear Pieces

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    Same here. I got token for chest... Which i win in s9 payout. So now I need to collect AGAIN chest and then sword...
    So I effort 2 weeks for totally nothing!!!
    This is disrespectful. I also will not compete with any other season if u don't pay tokens wright.
    If I have won check in s9 I should get token for sword.
    If another person win sword, should get token for shield and ect.
    It's logical and should be done it that way.
    Need ASAP here!!!!

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    S9 tokens is a joke

    I appreciate the feeble jesture of giving out a token to help us collect the missing gear but in all reality the greaves were not hard to come by and the breastplate token didn't really make a difference as I already had the breastplate.
    Listen to what everyone is saying and drop the stupid tokens
    Or find a way to give out the tokens based on what gear we already have

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    Gaea ... do you even care?

    Just to recap...just in the unlikely event that anyone from Gaea even cares one jot about what it's consumers think...

    1. Season 9 was such a disaster that it was suspended, then restarted afresh, then we couldn't see our combined scores to know our accurate rank
    2. Season 9 gear was then paid out even though no one had a level 40 knight to use it on
    3. They they pay out and don't give tokens making the prizes totally and utterly worthless (unless you won the shield ... which is weighted heavily against reasonable odds)
    4. They then pay out breastplate token to the majority of players which has no benefit whatsoever to the majority of players.
    5. In summary, the majority of us have to win exactly the same gear again (I will have won 3 breastplates to progress to sword)

    So, in the unlikely event that anyone at Gaea cares about the 100s of wasted hours, lost sleep and 100s of wasted dollars spent... then please consider this...

    I and many others have just about had enough of this totally apathy towards your consumers, so if you are reading this then I would correct this issue because ultimately you are making yourselves unemployed. Players will not spend, players will leave the game to other apps that care about their customers and you will be looking for another job because you have no commercial revenue incoming any more.

    Worth think about ???... assuming you either care or are commercially aware enough to understand any of this

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