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Thread: ★ Important Notice in regard to refunds and third party ruby sellers

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    ★ Important Notice in regard to refunds and third party ruby sellers

    Dear player,

    Here are some points that we would like to make clear in regard to canceling orders and purchasing Rubies from third party sites.

    1. Canceling orders: If you cancel a huge amount of orders/request for refunds many times after receiving Rubies in game, your account will be suspended for at least 30 days. To lift the suspension, you need to contact Customer Service. As a following you need to agree that you purchase the same amount of Rubies as you received by canceling orders, once the ban is lifted. As soon as your purchase is confirmed and previously earned Rubies deducted, you will be able to continue playing with your account.

    2. Ruby-selling third parties: By purchasing from a third party, your account is exposed to security threats. You could lose your account, or you will be punished by account closure when others use your account to maliciously request a refund without your permission. So stay away from them!

    3. Delays in receiving purchases: In this case, it is recommended to contact Customer Service instead of canceling your order at once. We will confirm the status of your order and make sure your receive the right amount of Rubies in time.

    As always, feel free to contact us if you should have any questions!

    - The DoA: Heirs of the Dragon Team
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