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Thread: Elite stamina refills

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    Elite stamina refills

    Great idea to let gaea drop elite master keys in beginners premium (assuming that idea came from a fs-er). If you guys can convince gaea not be so anal about spreading elite stamina refills in wheels and archery ranges or whatever then echs comps can be more fair and fun for all players instead of only elite spenders.

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    A sad day for all

    Dear Mr Griffin.

    Thank you for your kind observation. It has indeed proved a most popular occurrence. Unfortunately, it was a complete mistake since, as you will be well aware, all decisions made in relation to the game must reduce the enjoyment and satisfaction of players lest the game improve in popularity, and has to be kept running beyond our predicted wrap-up date.

    Please be assured that the programmer responsible for this error is now serving a 6 week stay in Christian's rape dungeon as an example to any other members of our team who feel they "want to do things for the benefit of our players!"

    Please can I ask if you or any of you alliance members discover anything else enjoyable about the game to inform us immediately so that we can shut it down before any further enjoyment occurs. (So far we have successfully suppressed outbreaks of enjoyment from gem combining in forge, the glory system, ethereal trades, cavern mining, that nice little Legolas matching game everyone seemed to enjoy the one time it happened, to name but a few.)

    Now hurry along and spin whatever roulette wheel there is running at the moment, and spend you entire weekend collecting pointless items for some worthless rewards which may or may not be paid out by the turn of the next millennium.

    Regards, Rupert Smyth II (yes, that really is my name?)

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