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Thread: Hello guys!!!

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    Events should at least tie in slightly with changes in Update.

    Frankly, a minimum of one level of dust, sovent for gems etc at the update would engage more players in the new features. It would significantly reduce the this is for cashers only complaints.

    Did like the changes on CQ boxes and Dragon Invasion drops after update.


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    Quote Originally Posted by S9Wandderlot View Post
    Well what type of event would you suggest?
    Design a special event or costume contest. Halloween is coming. Wouldn?t it be fun to let players design costumes with screen shots of themselves to be voted on? Or actually design a costume to be given out at Halloween or design an event to play during the holiday. Funniest real event during game play? Like something someone said or did that you remember....

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    Exp books...

    Quote Originally Posted by mommy View Post
    Wanna exchange exp books for gold...u all did..we want would be fair
    When we all did this gold was hard to get. It took us weeks to get what we could get in a day now. GAEA GIVES TONS OF GOLD NOW. You Can thank the ?useless? hero assembly for that btw. New servers don?t know the struggle,

    with providence and exp books given out daily and gold gold bags.... you get more gold than we got in the exp books. Be happy you don?t have to know the struggle.

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    a wait for more update

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    I think you Should consider VIP monthly exchange events to be brought back. We recently had a spirit convenient exchange for seven days. But I think VIP would be more useful for all.

    That would be great and keep player in game more play for more hours and enjoy the VIP.


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