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Thread: 7 Day Speeds In Round Tower

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    7 Day Speeds In Round Tower

    Can we pelase get the 7 day speeds put back in the round tower for 10 quest badges? The drop rates on larger speeds in camp are bad enough, but now you took this option away too. Incredibly frustrating.

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    7 Day Speeds - Roundtower Exchange

    I opened a ticket about this issue a couple of weeks ago, as follows:
    "The 7 day speed exchange for daily quest badges has been a standard item for several months - if not longer. Every month the daily quest badge items in the roundtower are refreshed for another month. This month the 7 day speed was the only daily quest badge exchange item that was NOT refreshed for another month. Please put this item back in roundtower!"

    Here is the response from Anthony on February 10th:

    "Thank you for contacting us back. We will certainly look into this matter and try to put the 7 day speed up in Round tower for exchange. However, I'm unable to assure you the exact date and time that when it is going to happen. But we will definitely work out with the best results to make better gaming experience to all the players. Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter."

    They have contacted me since the 10th wanting to close my ticket - and I have let them know that I want the ticket to remain open until the 7d speed is back in the roundtower. Why they would close the ticket when they haven't resolved the issue is beyond me :/

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    Back in RT!

    Thank you both for your words of concern, I am happy to say that the 7 day speeds are now back in rt quest exchange

    Hammer crests are also back now too.
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