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Thread: Gaea you are realy blind

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    Gaea you are realy blind

    KmberBo is doing same thing with her 1000+ fake accounts over server 5,8,10,11,13,17,20 With collecting roses packs and sendink herself or is that one of you so you wont do anything about her since 00:00 today on 15th february we cant do any single thing on our server she overflood us with rose sending to herself and she stills have dignity to announce in last in half hour break did "this is last for now" Woow Gaea you realy dont wanna see when some things are harming us player check her and her fake accounts in 4 or even more her own guilds WHY ARE YOU BLIND GAEA ABOUT THESE ROSE EVENTS YOU CLEARLY CAN SEE WHAT IS SHE DOING COMPLETE SERVER IS ANOYYED PRETTY MUCH WITH HER BAN HER BAN HER ALTS BAN HER IP ADRESS DO SOMETHING

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    Similar to the last rose war, all accounts would have to be real accounts whether she actually uses them or not (can't be "fake"). If you meant alternate accounts, I have seen no stipulation that outlawed the use or creation of alternate accounts to obtain and gift roses. If that is actually what has been done, the same opportunity (and tons of practically impossible work) is available to every player.
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    Probably massed produced fake email accounts and most likely plays on a pc emulator and bots whatever would be needed to collect or obtain the roses on those accounts. As far as sending self the roses that's most likely a painstaking manual task having to log each account to do so. I noticed roses sent from 3-4 toons at the same time but always small pauses between. Kimberbo is rarely on and is exploiting a single event 2 times a year.
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    My real concern is that this character or person is not legit one way or another taking top reward away from someone casher or not that deserves it.

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    her way is just as legit as you guys spending real money. don't get mad. her way just takes actual work to do. all those real accounts still have to be logged in everyday to obtain those roses. so quit your bitching and spend some more money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zaydizzle View Post
    her way is just as legit as you guys spending real money. don't get mad. her way just takes actual work to do. all those real accounts still have to be logged in everyday to obtain those roses. so quit your bitching and spend some more money.
    True you can make other toons...and make yourself happy with roses...
    Same happens in bg....killing your own toons...
    You can use alts too in sylph arena....for the jump on saturday...getting max points

    Only problem...those small accounts..well they give activity on your server...
    Fake gaea the illusion that a server has many active no merge is needed..

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    No false play here

    Some of us use balens some of us use friends and some of us use alts these are all legit ways to gain roses under gaea s rule

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    she isnt using real accounts she is using bots100%

    I was online day when she sent all roses i saw what is happenning she used some kind of hack frist things first no one can have more than 250 friends thats true fact how can she have over 550 friends. Her few accounts saw names only not those numbers at end that reach up to 100 they dont exsit on our server at all(unrelent emna etc). That girl has now total of 7 guilds on our server and if she continues we will be over flood completely our server is now full of laggs. What will be during next rose event if someone of us reaches her number. Last rose event she recieved around 200k roses this time she more than doubled that amount i rember few of her account names. Several of them dont exist at all she must be making guest accounts cause registration is at 39th level and hot events are available below 30th level. Investigate gaea if you have brain to do it !!!!! I figured what is she doin. You cant you wont or KimberBo is yours player !! Since no one on our server ever done any mpd spire ab or anything that needs group. No one knows her no one knew her before she started to exsist during last rose event for thanxgiving before that no one on 5,8,10,11,13,17,20 never saw her that she exist at all. This is gaeas bot for sure if it isnt they would surely do something about her she is messing with all of us. What will stop her to go to next server and do the same ????? What can someone explain me what she will do next ???? Which server is her next target ????
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    just a small hint gaea

    Some Pc/Mac apps open up to500 accounts at same time
    She hacks her toon to delete/add friends app exsist for that too
    Check her Ip adress

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    AND EVEN if she maked so many alts it was imposible to get so many roses,first of all the login event had like 300roses. and the other was to make solo arena pvp. so i dont think one player can do on 1000alts solo arena and pvp cmon. and even so u can have just 200 friends. and delete around 50 per day. i think so its just fkin imposible to get that sum. cuz she got it in the last day 450k roses. its imposible. only the time spend only to log every toon and send dont fit. why gaea dont make nothing. its anoying seeing good players like Tankk losing first place. cuz someone using bots or whatver exploit she uses.shame gaea . shame.

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