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Thread: How can i reject an Engagement offer???

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    How can i reject an Engagement offer???

    Hello everyone...

    I have a real serious problem. I got an engagement offer from someone, who is insulting n harrising everyone on our server (s44, s46, s48 & s50).

    I already blocked that person and several player from our server has sent tickets to Gaea cos of him/her. But Gaea havent done anything about that.

    I know that we had the oppurtunity to say yes or no in the past. Thats gone on that offer now. I just have the possiblity to confirm it, but i don't want that.

    I really want to upload the Screenshot for u, but when i try to upload, i get a message that the upload failed. Its the right datatype (.png)...

    If anyone has or had the the same Situation, it would be great if that person could help me. Cos i really dont want to accept that.

    Thx for reading n hopefully i will get help from u guys.
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    Hey it sucks

    I asked someone to marry me also in game and they didn't want to it took about a month of him sending tickets then I finally got ring back. Good luck send tickets and be patient

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