Why have we had so little comps for this event? Let's reflect back to the MH 17 comp. I don't have Chiliban yet and had 0 crests for him. I almost had enough to get him but chose to get the gold chest and 2 level 15 jewels. Leaving me a balance to get 10 chiliban crests. So this comp starts and I'm excited to finally get him. I needed 360 chocolates. The reality of placing 1st -3rd in almost every comp and it's now day 6 of a 10 day comp I'm just now to 180 chocolates. The first day was great 3 comps besides the alliance comp and 3 beat the boss comps. Then it stopped and all we got was 3 boss comp and 2 comps for hearts. Guess I'll have to wait until after S9. I'm thinking ΤΛΒΞRIUS Shield will be the piece named after me