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Thread: Sylph stats converted to hero stats

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    Sylph stats converted to hero stats

    We know sylph HP stacks with hero HP so that leads me to a few other questions. Does sylph matk stack with hero matk? Or ptak with ptak ect??? If you have a matk sylph and your patk player does the matk covert to patk on the player? If yes does that mean matk on the equipment also convert to patk? And vice a versa?

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    The only thing that sylph does to compliment your hero is to increase hp. When you awaken sylph, the damage you do, is your hero's attack, plus your sylphs attack, I don't think anything happens to mdef and pdef.

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    Hi there,

    Sylph attack does not stack to your attack. However your attack stats combine when the sylph is in passive mode, e.g you use eve every few rounds it does a lightning bolt.

    There is a article on my blog dedicated to this question, regarding how the sylphs damage is calculated when awakened and in passive form and how your own stats affect that.

    If you still need help visit the website and scroll down the "About Sylphs" section, lots of other information is there that you would find useful!


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