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Thread: How did your Grail War go?

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    Just dont piss youself bud!

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    GW is a work in progress, please provide specifics that was asked and it can be submitted to review. The more information provided the better you can be served. Thank you :)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lancelot RT View Post
    Greetings Lords and Ladies!

    Please be kind enough to share with me your Grail War experiences.

    If you had issues please list them in your response. It would help if you catagorized your Grail War experiences by this list to the best of your ability.

    Date of War:
    Player Name:
    Alliance Name:
    Who you battled:
    Deploy Power:

    Thank you for your time.
    Can you check why they are putting s9 gear in round tower before awarding s9 winners? That's completely illogical and diminishes any achievements of s9 winners.

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