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Thread: Maintenance on all servers February 6th 2016

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    Maintenance on all servers February 6th 2016

    Hello Community!

    There will be a maintenance on all servers today February 6th 2017!

    PST: 2017/2/6 01:00-02:00
    EST: 2017/2/6 04:00-05:00
    EU : 2017/2/6 09:00-10:00

    Maintenance Compensation:
    Bound balens x20
    Mount training whips x30
    EXP book Lvl. x500
    Mahra x5

    Maintenance notes:
    Removing Sylph from sylph atoll portal 3 to 4
    Glitch fixes

    Please don't forget to collect all your Astrals to avoid any losts!

    The Wartune Team thanks you for your patience!

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    Finally that damn slyph is removed

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    Update info

    Sorry to be the one.... but any update teasers coming soon? This is getting boring again...

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    You bored

    Honestly if your trolling for update.. Please sir/ma'am work on your toon.. We have 1mill br toons in this game and need everyone else to Work Work Work. If we can get can get closer. #do work..

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    Talking Removing Sylph

    Wow, and I really liked that Amazon, but she has to go, LoL
    La noche es mas oscura antes del amanecer!!!

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