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Thread: Unlearn sylph skills

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    Unlearn sylph skills

    Ok this is ridiculous. Once you purchase a sylph shill it should remain permanent. We bought em. Especially if you don't give us the option to switch what skills we want to replace. How about a fix to this and reemburstments for lost balens over bad game developement

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    would be awesome to delete sylph skills

    This option of replacing old skills like you have iris we all equiped iris with skills we needed to pass back then ll nm samsara nm nirvana nm but those skills were more or less usuless in ef nm after we refined to triton so we need tritons skills now for ef efnm poseidons skills to replace old skills but who will risk to lose S skill or group heal skil they costed a fortune so with option to delete skills with fair fee for both sides would be goodat least we could buy skill for them and plus pay additional 300 balens to learn that skill gaea would have benifit even if deleting skills were free

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    I'm sure the majority that have this issue can easily tally up about 5 skills total or more they would switch between their sylphs. That's 1500 balens in add skill option alone. If similar remove cost that's 3k balens not counting the skill cost to buy. We get the skills we want gaea makes money. I don't see why this is such a big deal to do this after all this time.

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    Although learned skill should be permanent, a nice compromise/gesture to start with would be to allow us to chose which skill we want to delete rather than putting a random replacement. Don t want to buy the same skills 10 times to be able to end up with the skill set we want, it s kinda ridiculous.

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