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Thread: Restore The Infinite Speed Drop Rate

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    Absolutely crazy

    Drop rates for infinite speeds are getting even worse!!!! Today drop rates for infinite speeds was ludicrous! It took 8 bottles of stamina before an infinite dropped! Please fix the drop rates! I agree 100% with what everyone else has said. We need the speeds. Please start listening to your players before MORE people leave.

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    3 day speeds are not dropping either none in 2 weeks hiting every day

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    Put 7 day speeds back in roundtower

    Not only are infinite and 7 day speeds nearly impossible to get in campaign, but now you've removed the 7 day speeds from the quests tab of the events section of the roundtower. It used to cost 10 quest badges to get a 7 day speed - why did you take them away? This is getting beyond ridiculous! Do you not realize we need speeds in order to play?

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