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★★Fallen Empires★★

Main Cards: Diana + King Alaric

Event time: 1/25 20:00 ~ 1/29 20:00 UTC
A shriek across the sky stops you dead in your tracks. Temperatures have reached below zero now, and there?s no time to waste. You cautiously make your way to the edge of the path? nothing but silence. Continuing, thoughts of the unknown flood your mind. Then out of nowhere, an arrow whistles past your ear. You turn slowly to see two figures approaching. The mighty King Alaric and celestial Diana stand before you. Recalling tales gone by, you try to back away but King Alaric raises his sword as a warning. Known for his skills in battle, and ruthless nature, you may need to reassess your situation. Diana stands silently as if staring into your soul, her bow is raised to meet your eyes. What will your next move be?