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Thread: A new update is out

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    A new update is out

    The Alliance Base is just for you and your Alliance mates!
    ▶ Build your Alliance Base now!
    The time has come to strengthen the heart of your Alliance!
    ▶ Grow your Alliance by upgrading the new Alliance Fortress!
    ▶ New Research: Check out the new Alliance Science Center!
    ▶ Alliance Shop now open! Various items available in exchange for your contribution!

    Please find here more information about it

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    With this new update you will also get more bugs & glitches, increased amounts of flawed competition and really rude & useless customer service.

    All thanks to GAEA - the best Mobile gaming company ever.
    Did you know?

    GAEA is an acronym for:

    Gamers Are Exiting Allover

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