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Thread: Exchange Events Feedback

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    Post Exchange Events Feedback

    Greetings fellow Heroes!

    The Wartune Team would like to hear your opinons about the current ongoing exchange events as there are:



    Also your suggestions and feedback for the EPIC MIRACLE SHARDS EXCHANGE and the COMMON SOUL CRYSTALS EXCHANGE is much appriciated!

    The Wartune Team hopes to see a lot of constructive feedback from all of you to improve such events in the future!!!



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    Soul crystal exchange was the best of all. Loved it. Put titan shards in epic exchange. Current one is a waste

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    Soul crystal exchange was perfect paired with the ending of a good mount event and currently being able to instantly trade afterwards for large amounts of hooves. Advanced shop made this even better being able to pull 10k soul crystals per day to use during the event duration. This was an all around win and probably the 2nd best event next to this past thanksgiving giveaway. Very well planned or coincidently lucky that it came together is irrelevant... I'll take it

    On another note miraculous shards needs an update big time. With the exception of newer servers needing stones the rest of us could use something useful to exchange shards for that have some value. Divine energy, titan stones, and titan steel frags would be consistent with what's currently offered as main gear staples for upgrading and makes the most sense but please be mindful of the exchange rates. We all need a lot of these items even for a single price of equipment. Though we need a lot of gold (and gold does have value) 30 shards for a measly 100k cmon man. What I'm saying here is this : if you go the route of adding something useful and desirable at least make The trade fair for us.
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    Items amazing exchange

    Original exchange was less than amazing in my opinion. The follow up exchanges more accurately addressed players needs. Original exchange was good if it was aimed at free or new players who are swamped with 80 level event rewards that are relatively useless to their development if they want to grow with any real longevity or hope to be competitive. I will not say it was great though- even for them- as it failed to address one of the two most critical problems with the game as a whole at this point- inventory- in fact exacerbating the problem to some extent.

    Soul crystal exchange in addition to hoof exchange was actually pretty amazing. Follow up exchange that included maps quite good. Mount exchange was desperately needed.

    I would suggest for other exchanges- old item cleanup is once again quite pressing. On a few of my toons I have items that are more than a year old that cannot even be sold for gold to remove from inventory. Exchange for divinity stones and shards would also be nice as well as not all players have a light or dark sylph.

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    how come they took out 30 whips for 1 light ess out, or the fate stones for light ess, One Tap Cap for miraculous shards PLZ!! some exchanges r gd some bad, oh plz put in divinity shards((not stone) exchange plz, most will never get a light or dark syl and is just a waste of space

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    Adv mahra

    I would like to get adv mahra for mahra.

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    Advanced Mahra and Advanced Seps Please

    In exchange for normal Mahra and seps.... would be great 👍🏼😊

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    The current exchanges are a nice start.

    Things that I would still like to see.

    fate stones to bead of influence - or anything - we get these daily and cannot do anything with them.
    Divinity shards to sep/mahra or div stones
    div stones to sylph upgrade/enchant/divinity soul type of exchange. Maybe also backwards for those still needing stones for their tier 3
    mahra to adv mahra
    sep to adv sep
    vulcan packs to adv vulcan packs.

    And for my last request, EVERYTHING TO ENERGY!
    work out the rates, i don't care.
    the fact is that you get 10:1 cores easily compared to energy, and you need twice as much energy as cores to complete (due to 2 different items needing energy). I don't even bother with EFNM as it's not work the chance of 1,5,10,20 energy when I need 1000 just for one piece. Fix the system, or give us exchanges. And no putting energy in recharge/spend isn't a solution.

    I also urge everyone to write their suggestions, seeing that someone else has posted, and not putting it yourselves, doesn't let the development team know that more than one person is interested in those items.... Please take the few mins out of your day and post.

    Or maybe the moderators can start a thread with all the suggestions listed and everyone can chime in... Gaea is starting to listen, lets give them our feedback in a constructive way.

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    2 more thing

    last suggestion plz put heros medal back into hot events lucky wheel and magic pot,
    catacomb tokens, put back into hot events, there are still a lot of campers, as well as lvl 80s make it alittle more camper friendly, in events, thx=)

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    Mounts spirit exchnage

    I've suggested it a while back ago. Would be nice to get some mount spirit cards exchange for some of old mounts. Not everyone has collected them all and those permanent in blacksmith are there since forever. Every week active players keep collecting cards from warriors mark and we don't have any way to use them really. We can't get old mounts in pots or wheels anyway so why not put them into an exchange? Thank you

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